The sun is out, summer is here! It’s time for one of our favourite things – CAMPING!! On 8-11 August, we are hosting a weekend of creative worship, food, fellowship and camping.  Get ready to be creative, get more intimate with God and to have a great time!  There will be a variety of different ways to express yourself in worship, including: music, art, dance, media, journalling and adventure!!

God is challenging us to once again re-discover our imaginations and dream big.  In just the same way as Lucy discovered Narnia, we need to take on a childlike perspective and find our sense of wonder and adventure.  “As we pass through the wardrobe of finite possibilities and enter into God’s creativity, we enter into another realm of supernatural creative power where His presence illuminates His promises.” (Theresa Dedmon, Born to Create).  Children often find things that adults pass by because they haven’t lost their sense of wonder and adventure.  This will be the focus of the weekend – opening the lids to the jars in which we have kept our creativity and dreams, becoming childlike, having fun and using the gifts we have been given to worship and give glory to our Creator God! It’s time to step into the wardrobe and see what’s on the other side….

To find out more about our camping weekend, see our pages called camping weekend.

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