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2014 Round Up | Breakout Worship

2014 Round Up

So much happened over the weekend it’s impossible to cover it all but this video will give you a flavour of what went on.

It started with a dream, which was followed by the bravery to chase the vision and then the boldness to “walk through the wardrobe” that saw the first ever Breakout Worship Camping Weekend from 8th – 11th August.

The Colourful decorations around the room really set the atmosphere

After months of anticipation, and after being pretty much hyped up to the nines for the last week, Breakout Worship finally invited us to step through the wardrobe into our own personal Narnias, enticing us to recapture the childlike faith, joy, wonder and creativity that has all too often been ground down as we grow up and experience barriers and restrictions of various sorts. We were encouraged to follow our intuition and be led by Holy Spirit as we worshipped together in a great many innovative and surprising ways, each session allowing us to break out of our comfort zones, shirk off the fear that has bound us for too long and go on an adventure with Holy Spirit, all the while growing closer to our Father God and experiencing more of the fullness of his desires for our lives of worship.

Friday Evening

Blindfolded "Fridge" Artwork
Preparing to draw our art to “stick on God’s Fridge”

On Friday evening, we began by eating the first of many (many!) delicious meals together, after which we (literally!) walked through the wardrobe into the main room which was decorated in such fantastical, creative and colourful ways it was easy to believe we actually were in Narnia! In this session we practiced being intuitive in our worship, and listening to God rather than letting fear or our minds get in the way. We did this by creating some beautiful piece of artwork for God to display on his fridge – completely blindfolded! We then asked God to speak to us about the work that we had created – what did He want us to know or understand?

Watch the clip from Narnia of Lucy walking through the wardrobe

Saturday Morning/Afternoon

During the day on Saturday, we were able to attend various Creative Expression workshops, which sought to introduce us to and provide us with the confidence to explore various forms of worship that we may not have thought we were capable of or had even considered before! A few of these Creative Expressions included

  • Prophetic Psalm Singing
  • Creative Journalling
  • Creative Writing
  • Exploring Scripture through Photography
  • Movement & Flags
  • Adventure

Prophetic Psalm Singing Workshop

Photos from the Scripture Through Photography workshop

Beverley leading the Movement Workshop

The haul of the day – caught by the adventure workshop

Praise God that these Creative Expressions brought such breakthrough for so many! People who had never sung in public before were singing on their own in front of other people, improvising words from the Lord! People who had not written creatively since school were writing beautiful psalms of praise! People who had never danced before were moving gracefully in front of their Lord! People who had never held a fishing rod before were reeling in their catch so easily that the little fishies may as well have been leaping into the kayaks themselves! Not only that, but these intrepid adventurers were then gutting and cooking them for the rest of us to eat!

So many fears were overcome, so many new experiences were had, and all the while we know God was smiling upon us with pride and love in his heart like the proud Father that he is.

Creative Writing Workshop
Fran giving out tips and techniques to be more creative in our writing

These Creative Expressions were so successful and inspired us so much, that Breakout Worship’s next step is to establish each Expression into what we’re calling ‘Clusters’. As well as continuing our main monthly worship sessions, each individual Cluster will allow folks to worship in different ways, and will allow us to worship God in new and creative ways whilst also improving our skills in these areas. For example, if you enjoy photography, you could join the Photography Cluster where you would meet with like minded worshippers, swap photography tips, share examples of your Holy Spirit inspired snaps, learn some new skills from a tech savvy Cluster guy and then study and meditate on a scripture using those new skills.

Creative Writing
A Piece of Creative Writing by Veronica Vandervliet

If you enjoy or want to improve your creative or song writing, you could meet with others who love doing the same; share your work, be taught, share and experiment with some new writing skills, meditating and exploring scripture in this way. Perhaps we could even get some instruments out to put a melody to the words you’ve written!

Saturday Evening

Prophetic Art
This is the end result of the sheet we painted on during the DJ session

On Saturday evening we stepped through the wardrobe once more and worshipped God through art and movement to a DJ set of prophetic dance music by Steve Leach – so far removed from what many of us were used to but entirely liberating in its call to breakout of what we know and are comfortable with. During this session God called so many of us to take ourselves out of those comfortable places or routine and normality and embrace his presence in new and often quite scary ways. For this blogger personally I heard God call me to move and dance in worship which I have never done before – terrifying but so freeing! Another of our Breakout Worship family members felt God calling him to return to a place of intuition in praise, rather than being led by his often over-analytical mind; this is what our Father desires for us all! To enjoy playing in his presence without imposing judgements on ourselves, or over-thinking how we look to others or how we feel.

Check out Steve Leach’s Album on iTunes

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning we started by considering how incredible God is and worshipping with the whales and stars, proclaiming ‘How Great is our God!’ We then had a chance to celebrate the break through we had experienced in the Creative Expressions on Saturday, and Breakout Family members spoke about the fun they had had expressing worship to God through dance, writing, journaling and adventure. We also loved seeing the photographs that had been taken along with the verses that inspired them!

Sing along with the whales and stars!

If you attended any of the Creative Worship Expressions and you would like to share testimony of what Father God was doing in your life through them, then we would love to hear it – please email us and let us know if you would be happy for us to share it via the website. You can also pop over to our Feedback Page to leave a comment and even draw us a little doodle – it is so encouraging for us to hear the amazing things that our God is doing in our lives!

Joanna and Mark suprised us with a performance (A first for Joanna)

Sunday Evening

On Sunday evening Father God offered us another means through which to praise him, and also a new way through which we could stand with our brothers and sisters around the world, and in Jersey, in prayer. Gathered in a circle, each within easy reach of instruments and flags, we worshipped and prayed prophetically. In the style of IHOP, we spoke out prayers and scripture, then allowing Holy Spirit to create refrains and choruses that we then sang together. The music and prayers were so led by God’s spirit that we often had no idea where these sounds were coming from. New songs and old songs merged, ebbed, flowed and evolved as God called us to pray out prayers of petition for His church around the world and in Jersey. By the time we got to bedtime, no one wanted to leave!

Listen to an extract of the House Of Prayer session on Sunday evening.

All in all, Breakout Worship Camping Weekend really was a significant step in the lives of everyone who attended, and we really do hope that you will join and become a member of our Breakout family next time we meet (Saturday 20th September, La Pulente)

Please check the website in the not too distant future for further details on how you can get involved in a Creative Expression Cluster, and if you have any ideas for Clusters we might not have thought of yet please let us know by emailing info@breakoutworship.co.uk