About Us

We are a group of people who love to spend time worshipping God!  People often put God in a box.  It’s time to ‘Break out’ of that box and experience more of His fulness! Get creative, dream big and get ready to encounter God in a new way!

Meet the team

Team Photo

beccaBecca Stievenard

Becca: Fun. Creative. Expressive. Best cupcake baker in the ‘West.

Passionate about worship and seeing people connect with God’s presence; she has a desire to see this generation of believers changed and transformed into God’s likeness as we gaze upon His beauty. Becca studied Worship at Catch the Fire School of Ministry in Toronto. She has a gift for making things pretty and has excellent taste in decorating.

Becca is the Breakout Worship Co-ordinator and will be sharing her heart to see creativity and dreams restored.

franFran Bois

Fran: Genuine, funny, compassionate.

Fran has a heart for women, especially those in their teens and early twenties. She is passionate about seeing them step into their true identity as daughters of our Heavenly Father. She knows ALL of the lyrics to Muppets Treasure Island off by heart; challenge her to a sing off if you dare! Fran would one day like to return to Africa to work in education, after having spent time in Rwanda teaching with Kelly.

Fran will be joining the worship band and making sure everyone knows what is going on and when it’s happening!

PeterPeter Brooks

Peter: Thoughtful. Wise. Excellent.

If you have a question, ask Peter. He knows a lot about a lot of stuff! Gifted at music, maths and most other things, Peter is one talented guy. He has been leading worship at his church for a number of years now and his passion is to lead people into the Father’s presence. He also has a ridiculously wide singing range and an incredible gift for harmonies.

Peter will be leading worship through song at some of the sessions.

SarahSarah Stievenard

Sarah: Passionate. Persistent. Faithful.

Sarah is a bit of a health nut….except for that one time (or maybe more…) she ate a whole box of Maltesers by herself. Her heart is to see people passionately desire God’s presence above all else and to see the kingdom of heaven released here on the earth. She has been at Bethel Church in Redding, California for the last two years and has a slight American twang (though she denies it).

Sarah will be joining with the worship band and will be leading some of our morning devotionals. She will also be running early morning workouts for those who are keen!

jamesJames Bailey

James: Creative. Dynamic. Intelligent.

James has that creative flare that inspires and excites. His eye for detail in media and to capture that perfect shot is supreme. He knows everything there is to know about cameras, media and all things computer related, he also has a passion for films of all genres. Give him the name of a film and he can tell you the director and year it was made. Now that’s skill. James’s heart is to see people experience God’s beauty through media. And he does a blooming good job at that.

James will be documenting the weekend through the medium of photography and film. He will also be running a photography workshop and will help people to take amazing shots of God’s creation in the beautiful area surrounding the site.

kellyKelly Warren-Gash

Kelly: Wise. Relaxed. Bold.

Kelly is a courageous woman of God who has been married to the lovely Dom for almost 2 years. She has spent time working with YWAM in Australia and completed the 5 month internship at IHOP. She has also spent time teaching English in Rwanda with Fran. Kelly has a passion for reaching the lost and broken hearted, and would like to travel the world releasing God’s spiritual and physical healing.

Kelly  will also be working with Steph to lead the House of Prayer session on Sunday evening.

domDom Warren-Gash

Dom: Happy. Adventurous. Generous.

Dom is married to the beautiful Kelly and absolutely LOVES his outdoor pursuits. If it has the word ‘Extreme’ in it, then Dom is there! Dom sees his calling as being in the realms of renewable energy and the environment, and wants to bless communities who may not have the modern necessities that we are fortunate to have; if you would like to chat to him about this, please do!

Dom will be leading us on some sort of adventure over the weekend!

stephSteph Marfo

Steph: Chic. Wise. Intercessor.

Steph has recently returned from a 5 month internship at IHOP in Kansas City, USA.  Steph loves growing in intimacy with our Father and seeks to see others do the same. Currently living and working in London where she feels God has called her after a 5 year stint in Jersey, Steph will be returning for the weekend to share her passion and gift for intercession.

Steph will be leading a House of Prayer session with Kelly on Sunday evening.

LouiseLouise Huby

Louise: Beautiful. Kind. Prophetic.

Want an encouraging word? Louise is your lady. Ask her what God sees in someone and she will call out the gold in them. She has spent the last three years in California at Bethel Church and is now bursting to give away all that she has received! Her favourite thing to do is to sit in a coffee shop for hours and hang out with Jesus. Perfect day right there.

Louise will be helping with registration, running a creative journalling workshop and will be praying prophetically over delegates.

ClaireClaire Huby

Claire: Excited. World changer. Laid down lover.

Claire has been on an amazing journey with God in the past couple of years. This has taken her to Mozambique where she attended Heidi Baker’s Harvest School. Claire is all about ‘stopping for the one’, loving the lost and bringing comfort and joy to the broken. We are so excited to see what is next for Claire as she will certainly be changing the world!! Claire is also very talented at cutting hair, so if your hair needs a chop, feel free to make an appointment!

Claire will be welcoming you with her smiles, praying for you and encouraging you.

John & DeannaJohn & Deanna

John & Deanna: Loving. Organised. Make great food.

John and Deanna have been involved in ministry in their church as long as they can remember. They are known for their hospitality, their welcome and their great cooking. They are great encouragers and have poured into so many people’s lives over the years. If you want to know how to build a house, ask John. If you want to learn how to make Cheese Souffle, ask Deanna!

John & Deanna will be cooking up a feast for us over the weekend.