Clusters are groups of people who meet regularly to worship creatively together and build community (whether that be through music, art, adventure, photography, dance, or just having coffee and a chat!)

1972326_887891897903660_5559739457305877599_nSeek His Face: 

This cluster meets every other week for musical worship where our focus is solely to seek God’s face, growing in prophetic and spontaneous worship!  Update coming soon! For more information email us at:


We are launching the new adventure cluster! This group will meet once a month or so for some exciting adventures, organised by Chris Purdie.  If you like adventures and living life on the edge (quite literally!), this cluster is for you.   For more information, email us at:

Coffee_with_heart_croppedProphesy and Coffee

This cluster is organised by Louise Huby and meets at Coopers Coffee at the Waterfront once a month to gather and grow in the prophetic.  The next one will be on Saturday 17th October from 10.30am – 12ish.  For more information, email us at:

Food-colours-bigCreative Arts Outreach

For this cluster, we will meet together to use our creative gifts to outreach to the community.  Whether it’s drawing, dance, music or baking, we can use creative gifts as a way to bless others and it often opens people up for conversation and prayer.  For more information, email us at: