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Be Creative
Create Supernaturally

We have an exciting opportunity to join as part of a group who will meet together once a week over a period of 4-5 weeks to listen to Theresa Dedmon’s teachings – ‘Create Supernaturally Part 1’. For those of you who were at the Breakout camping weekend last summer, we began to look at the idea that as we are made in God’s image, we are creative beings, and we talked about how God loves it when we create and He wants to stick our creation on his fridge! These sessions will build upon that and through Biblical examples, help us to expore how we can use our creativity to bring transformation in the Kingdom!

There will only be a limited amount of space on this course, but if there is a lot of interest, we can run it again in a couple of month’s time. The idea is to meet once a week to watch the teaching dvds, then do follow up activities and applications as a group. As there will only be 4-5 sessions, you need to commit to come to all of them. Seeing the way people were transformed from the Breakout weekend last summer, we are really looking forward to see how God is going to move through this teaching! This is the first part of a three-part series, so if there is interest, we can go on to do the other two parts at a later stage.


If you are interested, please let us know either on the facebook group or by emailing us at