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Camping Weekend Doodles!!

Welcome to the Camping Weekend Doodles!
This is the complete collection of what people have created using the Dooodl creator!
Attendees of the weekend have already created 8 Dooodls!! Feeling creative? If you came to the weekend add your own and tell us what you thought/how the weekend impacted you!!

Be released!

Created: 25 August 14 @ 13:36
Author: Rosie

Tied to the Father with love :)

Created: 14 August 14 @ 21:35
Author: Emily

Breakout family

I was blown away with the sense of family and community over the weekend, relationship is so important to me and to have this opportunity to meet wonderful new friends was such a pleasure! I had so much breakthrough and am still on a massive high after sharing in this vision from God! x x x

Created: 13 August 14 @ 1:23
Author: Claire

prophetic picture

I had a picture of a flock of beautiful white birds, graceful and large. They formed into three groups that made an arrow pointing to the right. The birds then separated and came together to write the word LOVE. Then the birds started to reform to resemble a hair plait.. As it formed, I saw peole being wrapped into it, in the same way as one would weave a ribbon into hair.

Created: 12 August 14 @ 19:22
Author: Deanna

Creative Breakthrough

I was so excited for all of the breakthroughs we had over the weekend, where people stepped out of their comfort zone. So many risks were taken, lies broken and new declarations made. WE ARE CREATIVE! GOD HAS OUR CREATIONS STUCK UP ON HIS FRIDGE!

Created: 11 August 14 @ 19:36
Author: Becca


This was a weekend of creativity restored. We walked through the wardrobe, released our creativity from the jars and stepped into Narnia!

Created: 11 August 14 @ 18:48
Author: Becca

Free Excited Safe Loved

I experienced and am continuing to experience break through in the area of fear - God has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

Created: 11 August 14 @ 18:23
Author: Fran

Go Team Breakout!

Well done to all of the AMAZING Breakout Team. It was a massive success and couldn't have happened without the hard work that each and every one of you has put in.

Created: 11 August 14 @ 17:16
Author: James